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Industrial Products Leader Introduces MULTI SEAL® Tire Sealant with KEVLAR® for Consumers

Extreme-Performance Sealant Prevents Flats and Seals Large Punctures. So You Don’t Get Stranded… and Don’t Ruin Your Weekend! MULTI SEAL®, the world leader in industrial tire sealant technology for 35 years, introduces a new line of extreme-performance tire sealants for consumers. MULTI SEAL® Tire Sealant with KEVLAR® instantly seals punctures twice as big as the competition (up […]

MULTI SEAL Announces New Product Names and Packaging

MULTI SEAL® Corporation, the leader in high performance tire sealant technology, announces new product names and packaging for their three main formulas. The new names include: HYDRO 1500™ (formerly HYDRO SEAL), PRO HD 2500™ (formerly HEAVY DUTY), and ARMOR 3500™ (formerly ARMOR SEAL). Updated packaging will give the product line a more dynamic and impactful look […]

MULTI SEAL Appoints New VP of Operations

New addition emphasizes company’s focus on science behind tire sealant technology MULTI SEAL™ recently announced that David MacRae has joined the company as the new Vice President of Operations. MacRae comes to the team with a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Buffalo, The State University of New York. In his new position he […]

The Combustion Basics of High Performance Tire Sealants

The following paragraphs will address the question, “Do tire sealants cause chamber fires?” The belief that the answer to this question is “yes” has a significant following in the retreading industry. We will see that the science of combustion does not support this position regarding high performance tire sealants (HPTS). Some individuals, even in light […]

Retreading Tires That Have Been Treated With Tire Sealant

Questions have arisen about the relationship between sealant usage and chamber fires in tire retread plants. The following discussion will review the operating environment in modern retread plants and the chemistry of combustion as related to sealants and chambers operations. It will show that it is practically and chemically impossible for a sealant to cause […]

Are All Tire Sealants Created Equal?

If you have ever been stranded by a flat tire on your ATV ten miles from your truck, or a flat on your combine in the middle of harvest, or a flat on your backhoe at just the wrong time, then you know the importance of a good tire sealant. The following paragraphs will explain […]

MULTI SEAL Unveils New Logo

New logo, vision and marketing effort will emphasize the science behind company’s tire sealant products MULTI SEAL, the leader in tire protection technology, is introducing a new look and vision for expansion and growth beginning in 2015. The new logo will begin appearing on products and corporate marketing in the next few months. Developed through […]