Industrial Leader Introduces MULTI SEAL® Tire Sealant with KEVLAR® for Consumers

MULTI SEAL®, the world leader in industrial tire sealant technology for 35 years, introduces a new line of extreme-performance tire sealants for consumers. MULTI SEAL® Tire Sealant with KEVLAR® instantly seals punctures twice as big as the competition (up to 1/2 inch!), so you don’t get stranded … and so you don’t ruin your weekend. The high-tech, U.S.-made tire sealant features super-strong KEVLAR® fibers (not adhesives, like competitors’ products), so it prevents flats and fixes slow leaks, plus a single treatment lasts the life of your tire.

High Performance Tire Sealant

Superior Science. Superior Sealants. Since 1981, MULTI SEAL® has manufactured high performance industrial tire sealants, scientifically formulated to virtually eliminate air loss due to punctures and slow leaks.

Using proprietary formulas and ingredients, MULTI SEAL® products are blended in the United States specifically for industrial segments. MULTI SEAL® is the world leader for superior tire sealant technology.

PRO HD 2500™

MULTI SEAL® PRO HD 2500™ is designed for use in industrial equipment that is used off-road. Ideally suited for use in the over-the-road vehicles that routinely experience hazardous conditions.

ARMOR 3500™

ARMOR 3500™ is based on the highly successful MULTI SEAL® PRO HD 2500™ Formula. Initially designed for military use, ARMOR 3500™ has proven to be very effective in operations with unusually hazardous environments.

HYDRO 1500™

HYDRO 1500™ is a flat preventative specifically formulated for ballast-filled tires. It is compatible with calcium chloride, anti-freeze or water-filled tires and will prevent slow leaks in the bead and rim areas of the tires.

Installation & Demo Videos

MULTI SEAL® offers many different options for installing the product:

  • 32oz squeezable bottle
  • 1oz pump for the gallon bottle
  • 5 gal pail pump
  • Pneumatic injection cart
  • Pre-measured bags

View our series of installation videos to see real-world installation of MULTI SEAL® tire sealant.

Safety Data Sheets

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